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A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, power components, the implementation of components, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil. Dynamic Liujin hydraulic components is the role of the original motive of the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, the hydraulic system of pumps, it is to power the entire hydraulic system. Structure of hydraulic pumps generally have the gear pump, vane pump and piston pump.
SAE Flange 3000PSI 61 Type

SAE Flange 3000PSI 61 Type

SAE code 61 flange can be used to open or integral flange clamp the connecting head together, and it is attached to the outer threaded flange head, and four bolt sleeve to the inner screw thread port....
SAE Flange 6000PSI 62 Type

SAE Flange 6000PSI 62 Type

SAE 62 flange, the hydraulic system problems need to overcome facing is how to effectively reduce and control pollution, to ensure the reliability of various hydraulic components and the whole system and service life....
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Add : Shanglijia Industrial Zone, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, China
Tel: 0086-574-87390208
Fax: 0086-574-87399033
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