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British Standard

The transmission medium hydraulic joint hydraulic transmission system American in, but also on the hydraulic device, the lubricating parts, cooling and anti-corrosion effect. Hydraulic system pressure, temperature and flow rate changes in a large range, so the quality of the hydraulic oil directly influences the working performance of the hydraulic system. Therefore, a reasonable selection of hydraulic oil is also very important.

BSP Thread 60° Cone Adapters

BSP Thread 60° Cone Adapters

In a computer, usually built into the motherboard adapter can be inserted into the slot on the card (or external)... Card adapter in exchange of information with the processor and the adapter support equipment....
BSPT Thread Adapters

BSPT Thread Adapters

We’ve passed ISO9001:2008, and we can offer SGS, ISO certificate.liujin focus on the quality of the products, from material purchase to products delivery. And we have test room, including vibrate test machine, burst test machine,impulse test machine etc.....
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Add : Shanglijia Industrial Zone, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, China
Tel: 0086-574-87390208
Fax: 0086-574-87399033
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